Lesson Six

All graphic work by Charles Simon

flower-bed-orig (30K)

The Original

flower-bed (383K)

The top photo I felt was too light.   In the second photo, a Stained Glass transparency type has been applied to a clone of the photo.

hermitage-orig (110K)

The Original

hermitage (346K)

In this photograph of Catherine the Great's Hermitage at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, the foreground on the left and right I thought was too dark losing some detail.   The second photograph is using the Bleach transparency type on the first clone on the right and then on another clone on the left.   However, some of the detail in the sky was lost in the process.

pear (25K)

By no means is this great but it was kind'a the best that I could do.   Moving the transparency "handles" is most tricky to control as it wants to really jump.   Also, I tried to "texture" the skin and it looked terrible.

Playing around a little.   This is an interesting program and playing can get addictive.

kizhi (51K)

star (15K)

These two were first exported as png files with transparency.   I do not care for the light baby blue background that is not transparent.   I went back and added black to match my web page background and that provided the look that I was trying to get.   It is a real advantage to be able to go back into the file and continue to mess with it.   Pulling objects off the drawing and into the gray area is a real benefit that would be nice in Photoshop Elements.

moscowatnight (335K)

— It has been fun.   I think that perhaps more tutelage is warranted. —

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Imaging and Art

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