Moscow at Night

September 27, 2005

This is my favorite part.   I find night photography very gratifying — in other words, I really like it.   Except in a couple of cases there is no narrative for these photos.   I have marked all as my favorites.

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This huge statue — is one of Peter the Great.   But, it was first designed as a gift from Russia to the United States commemorating Christopher Columbus, so we were told.   We were also informed that the United States said, “No, thank you.”

It seems that most Russian do not like this statue, that it is not in the traditional style as it was done in 1997.   This was done by a modern day sculptor, Z. Tsereteli.   We were also told that Tsereteli has offered, and his offer accepted, to do a sculptor as part of the memorial in New York City for the 9/11 attack.   We have been forewarned.

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  • This is perhaps my favorite of all my favorites.   In the background is the Novodevichy Convent.   What made the scene so striking was the adjacent pond.   We were told that the swans on this pond and the pond its self was the inspiration for Tschaikowsky's ballet, Swan Lake.   Mieko thought that this was perhaps the most beautiful sight that we saw.

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  • This next photo is of the Moscow University.   It is followed by the World War II memorial to the 27 million who died.   The fountains are red to represent the blood of the dead.

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  • The evening was finished.   It was back to the boat to prepare for our departure the next day.   The last photos were taken through the window of the bus as we drove through Moscow.

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Our last morning on board the Surkov with a peek out our window.   More tour boats probably preparing to depart for Saint Petersburg.

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