Russian Folk Music Concert

September 26, 2005

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Outside the theater was some nice architectural touches.   The entire area and walk to the theater displayed a very much westernized look.   The theater was also of modern design and this chandelier hung in the stairway.

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The concert was performed by Russian Folk Orchestra of Moscow.   Most of the instruments were string plucking instruments.   The entire concert was most enjoyable.   The young lad with the tambourine was 16 years old and as a performer appeared to enjoy their work more than any of the others.   The young lady, opera singer by training, had a beautiful voice and was a delight to see and hear.

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Then there was the performer that played an expert “handsaw”.   He also provided a performance of the Russian dance that is so popular.

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The concert was over and back outside we entered the night time of Moscow and it provided a different atmosphere.   The last photo below was taken from our boat and is a view of other boats and apartments across the river.

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