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September 19, 2007

Jackson, Wyoming

One must decide how to get to Yellowstone.   You can fly to Bozeman, Montana, and enter at the north entrance.   Fly to Idaho Falls, Idaho, (which was never really considered) and enter a the west entrance.   Or, fly into Jackson, Wyoming, and enter the south entrance.   This route offers the opportunity to also see some of the Grand Teton National Park.   This is the route we selected.

Flew into Jackson, one time known as Jackson Hole, via a flight through Salt Lake City.   We had planned on a night in Jackson on arrival and again on the night before departure.   An interesting looking town as we drove through to the southwest where we would stay.   Checked in and grabbed a bite to eat a short walk away.

In the morning we grabbed a quick free breakfast and loaded the car.   The highway north to Yellowstone passes through the Grand Teton National Park.   This is ideal since the better part of the Tetons is from the east, just off this highway.

But enough of this.   We will come back to Jackson on our way home.

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