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September 20, 2007

Heading north the mountains on our left continued to get larger.   We traveled only about 13 miles out of Jackson through the National Elk Refuge, (did not see one elk!) when we came across this sign telling us that we were entering the Park.   This was very near where there was an intersecting road that would take us into the Park.   We took this road and soon saw a several cars stopped on or near a bridge, people on the bridge with cameras in hand.   Following the herd instinct, we did the same and there was a moose in the brush adjacent to the river.   Not great photographs but better than of the moose we saw in Alaska.

  • th-001-1574
  • th-002-1575
  • th-003-1576
  • th-004-0083
  • th-005-0084
  • th-006-1577
  • th-007-1578
  • th-008-0085
  • th-009-1579
  • th-010-1580
  • th-011-1581
  • th-012-1582
  • th-013-1583
  • th-014-1584

Moving on, we traveled the interior road northward.   North of Jenny Lake is Jackson Lake, much, much larger in size but with a water level that was considerably off the high level.   There we found Jackson Lake Lodge what had a nice restaurant.   Our trip continued to Yellowstone stopping many times for photographs and just to take in the views.

  • th-015-1585
  • th-016-0086
  • th-017-1586
  • th-018-0087
  • th-019-1587
  • th-020-021_Panorama
  • th-022-0090
  • th-023-024-panorama
  • th-025-1590
  • th-026-0091
  • th-027-1591
  • th-028-0092
  • th-029-0093
  • th-031-1592
  • th-032-1593
  • th-033-1594
  • th-034-1595
  • th-035-1596
  • th-036-1598

More on this day — we made it to Yellowstone.


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