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Lesson 3


I picked three shapes that I downloaded from Deviantart.com, one shape from three different creators.   This is the look before styling.


I have no idea of a title for this creation.   But then applying the styling, I got a little crazy trying different combinations.   I finally settled on this:


What is it?   No idea.

I ran into a problem that I think I know how to get around but I didn't want to mess it all up.   I would have liked the the curly thing on the left mirrored on the right.   I think it was the lighting that made to the two different.   To get this effect, I think I would have to turn off all global lighting.   I turned off the lighting in the style for the right and changed the angle.   It immediately affected the object on the left.   Bummer, I think I would have to turn all lighting.

Below is the layer panel for the above image.   Click on or near the red bursts will bring up the styling for the layer clicked.   Opens in New Window.

layer-panel.jpg center object styling curlies styling bottom object styling

But, these are fun.


No, it is not your eyes.   The upper and lower thirds has been blurred.

Custom Shapes, My Creations



The first, very simple.

From this flower photograph.....
.....this shape.

Sky's the Limit!


Three bottles would have been ample!


My Sketch — Alaska Nearing Sunset


Mouseover for sketch lines.   This is a lot of work.   Had a learning process to go through to get the Smudge Tool to work.   Seemed to work best on the clouds, could not get a 'chiseled' look on the mountains.  Oh, the ship was a last minute clone, which has not been covered - sorry.

Creating With Brushes


Well, the instructions didn't say it had to be realistic.   The more the abstract the better!

Painting in Photoshop


The Balloon Flower


Mouseover for original photograph.   Alaskan Fire weed, Mouseover for original photograph.

Some of the Brushes Created


I scanned numerous items found around the house for the creation of brushes.   Here are four of nine created.   I have found that they are good for the "grunge" look, not in these colors.   Got to have 'grunge' colors.