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All photos copyright by Chuck Simon, 2006

Photo Filters

fountain-orig (87K)

fountain-warmed (84K)

It was a terrible, rainy day at Trevi Fountain.

This warmed the appearance but makes it no less wet.

pompeii-orig (48K)

It seems that it rained almost every where.   Pompeii was really really wet.

Fitting to the weather conditions, with this I made use of both Photo Filters effects & color replacement.   Even today there is a certain feeling of destruction hanging over Pompeii.

pompeii-after (46K)

Color Curves

church-before (170K) layers (28K) church-after (206K)

This photograph begs for improvement.   Taken near the King's palace in Monte Carlo.

Progressive layers.

As seen to the left, I used two selection on which to apply the color curves.

Selective Desaturation

roses-orig (144K) roses-after (113K)

The original photograph.

Selective desaturation applied.

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