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Lesson 1

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All photos copyright by Chuck Simon, 2006

Changing a Photograph’s Basic Color

New actions or effects in Photoshop Elements 5 make these tasks simple and quick.

Color Photo to Sepia & Black/White Monochrome

orig-to-sepia (145K)

The original of a stop made on the French Riviera.   When I saw this I really liked the different colors.

sepia-with-color (141K)

My change to sepia but I still liked some of the color that I left it in selective places.   This sepia feature does a nice job.

Color to Black & White

orig-columns-and-arches (144K)

Easy to turn a photograph into sepia, just as easy to change to black & white.   The original of some ruins in Turkey.

b-w-columns-and-arches (113K)

I have noticed with conversion from color to black and white is that the blacks lack richness.   I think Elements 5 does a very good handling the blacks.

Quick Fix

orig-st-peters (84K)

quik-fix-st-peters (130K)

Perhaps this will be recognized as the dome and the high alter of Saint Peter, Rome.   Interiors are most challenging but the Quick fix of Elements 5 quickly renders a dark photograph acceptable.

Photo Layouts

santorini (109K)

Sort'a busy.   The background is of the cliffs of the caldera that comprises Santorini.   Probably would not normally use such a background but this is experimentation!   I notice that the edge of the two images are showing and I could not make remove it.   This came about during some tweaking of the position of the embedded images. Should'a left well enough alone.

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