baharbor-title Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine.   A very famous location in the Northeast.   Pronounced “Baa” “Haa-Bah”.   It is an interesting and beautiful place with a wealth, meaning wealth as in lots of money, past history.   Of course, we have all heard so much about the “Maine lobster” that having one on one's plate was a must.   Recommended by the ship's tour people, we were off the ship and heading toward the Main Street Cafe for lunch.   I had a lobster and we both had New England style clam chowder.   The chowder was very good and without a doubt the lobster was be very best that I have ever had!

The photographs in this first group were taken after our lunch and while we were waiting for our tour time and bus to arrive.   Just some of the sights that can be seen around the town of Bar Harbor.


For the Fall colors, Cadillac Mountain is a must see.   Cadillac mountain is located in the Acadia National Park.   The land of the Acadia National Park was totally donated by the land owners to be used as a national park as a means of assuring that the remained in an undeveloped state.   Most of the park was donated by the Rockefeller family.   It is not a high mountain as mountains go, but at 1,530 feet above sea level it does offer striking views.

Down from the mountain top, we went by “Thunder Hole”, where the ocean swells converge against granite cliffs to create a thunderous roar.   There were many beautiful trees and plants around this area.

Just as we were departing for our final days on this cruise, the day was ending with the sun setting.   For the photo buffs, this following photo was made from two photos, each taken from opposite sides of the ship.   While not perfect, I think it looks pretty good.


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