Proud New Parents

October 15th, 2006

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Here we are at two weeks old!

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Then we were one month old just like this!

rowan-1mo (43K)
cameron-1mo (48K)

Rowan does a lot of laughing!

Cameron does a lot of sleeping!

Now look at us!   We are two months old.

rowan-2mo (41K)
cameron-2mo (40K)

Rowan is still laughing!

Cameron is awake!

Here we are on our first visit to Grandma's and Grandpa's.

rowan-3mo (68K)
cameron-3mo(2) (58K)

Gee, he is an old man!

Getting diapers changed is nice.

Here is looking at you!

seeing-each-other (51K)

Three and a half months old.

twins-studying (113K)

Which piece can I grab first?

rowan-teething (35K)
russel+cameron (38K)

This will get the teeth started!

If I could get my hands in front of me, I'd punch him.

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arms-full (42K)

Holding both of us is an arm full.

twins-in-stroller1 (182K)

A big shopping trip at the mall!

First Easter, 2007

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stelmach-easter (141K)

Oh Wow, Six Months Old!

rowan-6mo (62K)
cameron-6mo (55K)

At Nearly 7 Months Old, We Visited Grandma and Grandpa

rowan-7mo-1 (31K) cameron-7mo-1 (38K)

We are eating real food now and really like squash!

rowan-7mo-2 (31K) cameron-7mo-2 (37K)

But moods change fast!

rowan-7mo-3 (27K) cameron-7mo-3 (30K)

Our first bath in a kitchen sink.

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Eating Time Again....

A Visit to the Park

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