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Lesson Four, Filters

The baby bird photo with effects applied to the background.

babybird-pencil (80K)

I noticed quite a bit of noise in the baby bird photo.   Below is the above image after passing through the program Neat Image.   I used some extreme settings just to emphasis the changes.

babybird-pencil_filtered (175K)

An original photograph taken at the Fragonard perfume factory located on the French Riviera.

rose (58K)

Photograph with the Balls and Bubbles effect applied.   These are multiple little bubbles of fragrance rising out of the rose.

rose+bubbles (72K)

All the little bubbles gather into one big sphere.

rose+sphere (41K)

The previous image with the Geometric Effects, Spherize applied at a strength of 100.   Following that, Illumination Effects, Sunburst applied.   Brightness: 34, Rays Density 12, Brightness 35 and Circle Brightness 100.

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