Prints on Canvas

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The original photograph was taken with a Nikon Coolpix 880 camera, a mire 3.4 megapixel camera, image size 2048 x 1536 pixels.   I had increased the size to 14 inches wide at 300 ppi for printing but I always thought it would look better at a larger size.   For Father's Day, a Groupon PictureItOnCanvas gift was given to me.   This required increasing the size to 16 x 20 inches!   I did so with Photoshop Elements by resizing the image in 10 percent increments.   I first added a narrow borders of green and white and then increased the size to 5200 x 4160 pixels to give me a 20 x 16 inch print at 260 dpi.

Since the print was to be put on canvas, I applied some filters to render it more like a painting or combined painting and ink work.   I finished my adjustments by using a preset found in CyberLinks PhotoDirector, a Windows only program I "beta" tested.

I test printed on 8 x 10 paper at full image size to test the quality of the print.   Once satisfied, I uploaded a TIFF file to PictureItOnCanvas.   Shortly they sent a proof of what would be printed and offered some alternatives.   The Groupon purchase was for wrapped edges.   This adds about 2 inches all around to the canvas size.   I had not understood that.   They suggested that they add canvas with the green color seen in the narrow line around the main image.   Sounded like a good idea.   You can see the wrapped edge in the photograph below.

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Using the frame for the first printing of this scene, it looks like this.

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We are so pleased with the results that I think we need to find other photographs to print on canvas.   These photos do not really do justice to the actual print.

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