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I spent a good number of semesters studying the architectural history of Europe.   Everything from Egyptian architecture to Italian, English, Spanish Renaissance architecture.   By the time I finished my studies of architectural history I felt that I knew everything I needed to know about that part of the world.   So much so, that when I came upon a choice as to where I would like the Navy to send me for duty, I chose Japan — because we had no studies of Japan and I knew little of the country or culture.   Forty-six years passed and finally a decision was made to see some of what I had studied so long.

We signed again for a Princess Cruises™.   This time we dealt directly for the stateroom and cost.   That done, we turned it over to a travel agent to obtain hotels and transfers in Rome and Venice.   Flights were researched and the travel agent was instructed which flights seemed to be the cheapest and best departure and arrival times.   Unknown at the time, the agent here in Cincinnati, that we had used numerous times, sought the assistance of another agency in Los Angles.   Deposits were paid and all thought to be well. After several weeks of not hearing anything, I inquired as to the status of our arrangements.   That is when we found out that the LA agency had not purchased the airplane tickets and USAir was now asking for more money since the cost of fuel was increasing.   This was not good.   The local agency made a deal with the LA agency for the cost of a transfer if a cheaper flight could be found.   A bet so to speak.   Cheaper fares were found with Delta Airlines and we opted for those flights even though the departure and arrival times were not as convenient as USAir.

No problems until we got to Rome.   There was no one to meet us and drive us from the airport to the city.   We finally made our own deal for a ride into the city.   A call was made to our agency contact in Rome and Venice, a representative of the LA agency.   The young lady in Venice said that they were at the airport earlier and we didn't show up.   It finally became clear what had happened.   When the flights were changed from USAir to Delta, the LA agency did not advise their people in Italy.   I made changes to the flight from Venice and confirmed that all else was a go.

Below is our boarding photo taken by Princess Cruises.   You will also see the places that we visited.   Civitavecchia is the seaport for Rome.   It is about an hour drive, at 160 kph (100 mph)from Rome.   Our photo tour will start in Rome where we were for only a day and a half.   The full day was an Italian holiday which resulted in crowds of people but, worst of all, about half the day it rained.   Not the best weather for taking photos.

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