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Sea Princess Cruise Ship

On June 30, 2001, we embarked on a wonderful trip to Alaska.   The images that are presented here are but a few of those taken.    At the end of these pages is a link to all the photographs that were taken.   The images here may be down loaded for personal use such as desktop wallpaper.   All images are copyrighted to Charles R. Simon, July 2001.

The photograph at left is the Sea Princess in port at Skagway, Alaska.   This was the third port call in the north bound cruise.   The earlier port calls were at Ketchikan and Juneau.   This is not going to be a lesson in Alaskan geography and history; however, if you find the views interesting, research into Alaska will be very enlightening.

The logical way to present the story of this cruise would be to start at the beginning and day-for-day cover all the events.   Unfortunately, or fortunately, I don't have the time or fortitude for such an undertaking.   So, I will spare you viewers that detail, maybe later. What we will show is some shots of us, the interesting and beautiful flowers and plants of Alaska and other miscellaneous stuff.

We boarded the Sea Princess in Vancouver and set sail about 6 pm. To get the feel of our atmosphere, we took a walk on the deck and here are the photos taken at the fantail.



Our first port call was Ketchikan. We saw some neat things about native Alaskans and learned of their culture.   There is also a lot of bald eagles around Ketchikan because there is a lot of salmon.   The bald eagle is indeed a beautiful bird.   We also got our first glimpse of the "Alaskan Rain Forest" and all it's plants.   Rhododendron were plentiful.


There were two “formal nights” and one “semi-formal night” for dining purposes.   It just adds a little class to the whole event.   Oh!   There has been no mention that Charles' sister, Jerry, and her husband, W.A., were also on the cruise.   Well here we were at one of the formal nights.



Our next port call was the Alaskan capital city of Juneau.


There are no roads into or out of Juneau. Of course this is not the only city or town with this same transportation problem. To commute, the residents use airplanes.   Airplanes with floats or skis are as plentiful as second cars in the "lower 48". We saw many glaciers at the Glacier Bay National Park and College Fjords, but I believe that the most beautiful glacier was the Mendenhall Glacier at Juneau. The only glacier in Alaskan accessible by motor vehicle.


Gee, it was a beautiful morning!



And if one looked closely at all the surrounding, the eyes fall upon this .......


Okay, lets take a break and start a new page. If there is any question as who and how the photographs on this web site were taken --- all taken by us with the Nikon Coolpix 880™ digital camera or a Nikkormat™ SLR film camera.

The ones of us at the formal dinner and arriving in Juneau were taken by the ship's photographer and then scanned for the digital images.


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